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Weplay Coral Adventure
The design of Weplay Coral Adventure is inspired by Chinese oriental martial arts. Children can even stand balanced on one foot on the Columns like those studying martial arts. By inserting or pulling out the Coral Columns from the paths, children are able to enhance their hand-eye coordination.
Suitable age:
1.5 years & up
Max. Load:
60 kg
7.5 kg
2.48 cuft
M34979 cuft
  1. Weplay Coral Adventure combines gross motor activities (walking on a balance beam) and fine motor activities (pulling or inserting Coral Column into the Weplay Coral Adventure Path) for multiple activities.
  2. The Weplay Coral Adventure Path with bubbles, holes, and rippled designed are double-sided offering different stimulations.
  3. Attachable Coral Columns can be used as a connector for creating different walking routes with various heights.
  4. Coral Columns can be placed in any of the holes on the Paths as barriers for more balancing challenges.
  5. Coral Columns are strong enough for children to balance on a single foot like one studying martial arts.
  6. Superior design allows multiple routes – straight line, curve line, cross line.
  7. Adorable fish, shell, bubble, and wave patterns create a perfect ocean scenario for dramatic play.
  8. The Coral Column, with a bow shape, can be taken out easily.
  9. Two colors of columns allow teacher to create various rules, such as step on the green column alone.
Play Value
  1. Walking on the Path allows children to practice gross motor skills like balance and coordination.
  2. The bubble/wave surface design and the attachable Coral Column design offer tactile stimulations to the sole of the foot.
  3. Different heights and various path combinations promote motor planning abilities and enhance problem solving skills.
  4. Pulling/inserting Coral Column from/in the Tactile Path allows children to enhance hand-eye coordination.
  5. Removing Coral Column from the Path builds finger and grip strength.
  6. Placing Coral Column on the path as walking obstacles offers children step-over practice for better adaptive skill training.
  7. Weplay Coral Adventure allows children to explore their unlimited imagination through pretend play for promoting confidence and team work.
Path x 6 pcs (3 pcs/color: Blue, Light Blue)
Coral Column x 18 pcs (9 pcs/color: Red, Green)
Dimensions after assembled:
Path : 75 × 23 × 5.5 cm ( L × W × H )
Coral Column : 10.3 × 5.5 × 4.5 cm ( L × W × H )
Materials include: PE、TPR

Country of origin: Taiwan
TEL:603-79828355 FAX:603-
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